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Iron Neck Strategies from CSCCa Strength and Conditioning Coaches

May 17, 2018 1:07:49 PM / by Robert Sherman posted in Concussion, strength & conditioning, neck training, college football


Strength and conditioning coaches Pat Moorer (University of South Florida) and John Sisk (Georgia Tech) demo the new Iron Neck at the 2018 CSCCa.


Over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing a series of innovative exercises and lessons learned from coaches who have been implementing Iron Neck.

We hope this content will instill a sense of inspiration and creativity in you and your athletes and arm you with the most effective strategies and techniques to implement Iron Neck efficiently across all sports, for boys and girls.


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Craig Fitzgerald is Building a Strength & Conditioning Program to Last...Again

May 9, 2018 3:34:20 AM / by Robert Sherman posted in Concussion, strength & conditioning, neck training, university of tennessee


With a new world class facility and renewed focus on neck training, Fitzgerald is poised to make a lasting impact.

Photo: Sorinex

Craig Fitzgerald has had many stops along his journey. He's left his imprint on the strength & conditioning programs at Harvard, Maryland, Penn State, South Carolina and most recently the Houston Texans.

Now he brings his talents back to the collegiate ranks as the head strength and conditioning coach at University of Tennessee and he is laying the infrastructure for a successful and sustainable program for years to come.

Fitzgerald, with his brothers at Sorinex and PLAE, just finished building a world class facility in Knoxville that's far bigger and badder than what they built in Houston. (Check out this video of Craig Fitzgerald giving a tour)


Mom's Advice: Graduate and don't break your neck

The central piece to building a sustainable program is in proactively reducing the risk of all types of injuries. Fitzgerald's efforts to reduce concussion risk have always been on training his athlete's necks.

"When my mom and dad dropped me off at University of Maryland to go to college, my mom said two things: 'Craig, graduate and don't break your neck.' So I've been training neck ever since I became a strength coach."

Fitzgerald discovered Iron Neck in 2016 from one of his players.

"Brian Cushing actually brought Iron Neck to me and I loved how we could train the neck standing up, it's not a big machine taking up a big footprint and our guys can hit every plane and every motion possible."

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